A very big ship

As soon as the last Sculpture Magic Workshop was done we cleared the shop to get into production once more. It was time to begin the construction of the massive Viking ships for the Motiongate, Dubai project. We had designed all of the cutting files using EnRoute and last week we kept the MultiCam CNC plasma cutter busy cutting the 3/8″ thick steel plate – more than twenty 4×8 sheets in all. These were cleaned up in readiness for the build.

We also brought in many hundreds of feet of heavy square steel tubing, pipe and angle iron which will be used to build the complicated structural framework of the ship.

Yesterday, we laid out the plates on the shop floor and began welding the precept pieces into place. It quickly became apparent just how massive the Viking ships will be… measuring almost forty feet long, seventeen feet high at the figurehead and fifteen feet wide through the beam of the ship. Th pieces of the ship fill up our shop in a hurry! The first section we began welding is below the waterline. The upper portions of the hull will bolt on top of this, disassembling to fit into the galvanizing tanks and then partially bolted together for building and fitting into the shipping containers. Look close in the picture and you can see Peter at the back preparing to lay down one of thousands of welds. This ship is BIG!


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