Sign planet

I painted the gold size, on the letter faces, waited for it to tack up and then applied the 23K gold. That added a whole lot of bling in a hurry but I wasn’t finished yet. I applied another layer of size to the upper portions of the lettering with a ragged lower edge and then applied some variegated leaf to that area. The lettering instantly came alive!  When the gold had cured I mounted the lettering to the lid top and used sculpting epoxy to form the gravel and rocks radiating out from the center of the rocket blast.

After this cured I applied the two coats of metallic copper, two blends and then a glaze to tome it all down. When that had dried a little subtle dry brushing with some orange metallic gave the rocks a nice sheen. The piece looks like a giant cake ready for a deluxe topper. Now the real fun begins!

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Dan Sawatzky

Dan Sawatzky is best described as a creative force in the sign industry. He and his wife Janis are owners of Sawatzky’s Imagination Corporation – a small family company that specializes in the design and creation of dimensional theme signs and environments. They tackle projects of any size from small signs to entire theme parks. Their work has garnered numerous international awards and Dan’s articles appear frequently in the sign trade publications. Dan and his crew also host Sign Magic and Sculpting Workshops in their studio a number of times each year with attendees coming from around the world. For more information please visit

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