Trade show booth – part one

We have decided to take part in next years expo hosted by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. It is no small investment to take part as a vendor and so we want to make sure we go all out. After giving it a lot of thought we have decided to create a small studio there showcasing the best of our many samples. We’ll also play our videos and have hand out materials. As we thought about transporting everything down and setting up we decided to build a giant box with a canvas cover. It will be a simple matter of placing it in the booth, taking off the cover and with a little rearranging be ready for the show. The box needs to be part of the display of course and display the same magic we create on a daily basis. The new MultiCam Plasma cutter will play a large part in it’s construction as will the router. Peter and I designed the booth this past week.

Then it was time to begin cutting some steel. Since we won’t be present when the trade show staff unloads and handles our booth we knew we had to make it foolproof and extra sturdy. We designed forklift pockets that go through the booth floor in both directions, making it possible to lift it safely from any side. The primary steel tubing frame measures  4″ x 8″.

I designed the vectors for the plasma cutter in EnRoute and then cut them from 3/8″ plate steel.Stay tuned for progress reports as this thing comes together.

I then began fabrication by welding the pieces into position. 6″ x 3/8 flat bar will be welded to the edges to form I-beams

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