CAD Design & CAM Software for 3 Axis CNC Machining 

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Refers to CAD tools that allow the creation of parts that need to be cut on a CNC machine.  EnRoute gives you all of the tools needed to draw any kinds of parts from scratch, and it gives you great tools for getting files from other programs and preparing them to be cut on a CNC machine.  EnRoute’s CAD design software tools include shape drawing (rectangle, circle, line, polyline, etc.), distortion tools, editing tools, trimming, point edit, snap tools and much more.  And EnRoute also includes a number of unique design tools such as Parametric Design wizards for flanges and lifts, Boxster for making base cabinets, an interlocking component creator for shelfs and displays, advanced text creation including a Braille translator, mesh slicing to 2D shapes, vectorizing for converting bitmaps to contours and much more. 

Computer Aided Machining (CAM)

CAM refers to the creation to toolpaths that account for the cut width of any given tool at any given depth.  A CAM program will offset from the part as needed based on the tool size and profile to ensure that the proper size part is cut and that only the desired material is removed.  EnRoute gives you a powerful CAM engine that offers a high level of control of your toolpaths in an easy to apply process.  And EnRoute can handle advanced CAM functions like tool compensation, AutoToolpath of layered DXF files, rotary cutting, drill bank (gang drill) support, basic horizontal cutting for aggregate heads and true shape nesting with toolpaths applied.  EnRoute’s toolpath/CAM engine is the foundation of everything EnRoute does.

Computer Numeric Controlled Machines (3-Axis CNC Machines)

CNC machines are machines that operate based on the movement of three different axes, primary the X, Y and Z axes.  The machines typically have a flat cutting surface with a moving gantry and/or table that allows a cutting head to move across the table in an X Y grid, moving in the Z axis for certain applications.  Different types of cutting heads can be used, most commonly routers, drills, plasma, laser, waterjet and knifes.  EnRoute can support all of these different cutting methods.  EnRoute, which has been working with CNC routers since 1994, can support most 3 axis CNC machines.