B.H. Davis Company uses EnRoute for....Curved Hand Rails and Post Caps

B.H. Davis Company uses Enroute Pro software to help create many of the projects they produce. B.H. first purchased their first CNC router in 1999 and it came with Enroute 2.1. That machine was installed and ready to run on a Friday. They had never seen Enroute before and yet over the weekend ran some simple parts. The EnRoute interface was easy to use and understand. They now use many of EnRoute’s 3D features to create dimensional carvings that are cut on a CNT Motion router.

B.H. uses Enroute's 3D capabilities on a regular basis to create mouldings that don’t have a true radius. “All the mouldings that are not a true radius need to be programmed with Enroute’, says Bernie. They can draw parts in Enroute or import a DXF file that was digitized on their 44" x 60" digitizing board. They then apply tool paths by selecting templates from their Enroute tool path library. A cut template is chosen that is pre-set to the thickness of the material selected. In less than 5 minutes, B.H. can create a G-Code ready file after importing his shape into Enroute. After assembling a solid wood blank the Enroute generated file is sent to the machine which cuts the curve moulding out of the blank.

Highlighted Project

B.H. Davis Company has designed a new and unique system for the construction of porch railings and post caps. The newly designed decorative porch post caps integrate directly into the curved hand rails. Each post cap is created with short extension stubs that exactly match the profile of the hand rail. The advantages of this design are significant. First it allows for a much faster and simpler installation of the post cap / hand rail joint. Additionally there is no mitering or cope cutting of the hand rail to the post cap. Instead a straight forward butt joint supported by dowels or hidden hardware is all that is needed for a clean and tight joint. Lastly this system avoids all the weak points that tend to lead to joint failure over time. The end result is a stronger and longer lasting hand rail installation. 

About B.H. Davis Company

B.H. Davis Company is a custom radius millwork shop specializing in one-of-a-kind solid wood curved moulding and radius millwork.  Since 1973 they have been providing custom woodworking projects throughout the New England area. In 1991, upon the request of a customer, they began to manufacture curved mouldings. As interest in this specialized product has grown, so has their emphasis on radius millwork.  The demand has become so large that they now exclusively produce radius millwork supplying customers not only from coast to coast in the US but overseas as well. 

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