Chicago Scenic Uses EnRoute For... Giant Coke Bottles

Chicago Scenic, a custom-build firm located on Chicago’s Goose Island Manufacturing District, has been using EnRoute for 10 years. Every project that comes to its 165,000 square foot facility makes its way through EnRoute at some point, whether for prototyping, frameworking, parts manufacturing and assembly, etc. It is the only software installed for their Gerber Sabre 408 and MultiCam 5000 machines, which they use to cut all woods, plastics, aluminum, brass, copper, and anything non-ferrous for custom projects ranging from 9-foot Nokia model phones cut from Extira, to multi-layered graphics circles cut from MDF for the new 360 Chicago.

Shown below - left: Screenshot of Nokia Lumia phone in EnRoute before hitting the machines.

Shown below - right: Nokia Lumia phones installed at a promotion in Washington State.

Highlighted Project

Senior Journeyman Steve Hemphill recalls a particularly complex project from 2014 that required extensive use of EnRoute. For their client JCDecaux, they custom made 10-foot Coke bottles cut from foam to place on the ends of bus shelters around Chicago.

Because these bottles were relief sculptures, Steve started with a 3D prototype and sliced it lengthwise. EnRoute allowed him to manipulate the bottle’s structure and break it into two different segments so that he could work in layers, and cut one layer at a time.

Once cut, these pieces were sanded, hard-coated, and painted. JCDecaux teams embedded interactive touch screens into each bottle.

The result: a beautifully modeled and detailed 3D relief bottle of Coca-Cola. “It was a really cool project,” says Steve. “EnRoute made it really easy to manipulate and execute the project seamlessly.

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