Distinctive Hardwood Floors uses EnRoute for....Specialized Wood Inlays

Distinctive Hardwood Floors is located in the middle of one of the largest contiguous forests in the United States, and so has direct access to the best of solid lumbers that are only rivaled in the specialty veneer industry. Daniel Antes and his father Richard, who founded Distinctive Hardwood Floors believe that the natural beauty of wood is the beginning of all their projects and that it is the craftsman’s responsibility to preserve and reveal that beauty. They use local and exotic woods to create medallions, feature strips, parquet, borders, flooring and more. They have used EnRoute to cut an impressive variety of woods, including Cherry, Hickory, Maple, White Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Sycamore, Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Bubinga, Cumaru, Merbau, Rosewood, Mahogany, Sapele, Wenge, Zebrawood and many more. Dan’s favorite EnRoute features are the nesting tools that allow him to cut around obstructions and the fine tool cleanup that allows for a more traditional, hand-cut appearance. 

Highlighted Project

Daniel Antes has two decades of experience in the hardwood flooring industry and has become a specialist in the art of marquetry. Marquetry is the art of using different wood veneers to create decorative patterns or designs. Design truly is an art. Not only in the planning and placement of each of the individual pieces, but also in the choice of varying colors and character markings such as streaks, knots, and grain patterns. These markings are unique to each piece of authentic wood and the natural variations provide a very individual charm and one-of-a-kind beauty to each project.
Dan blends Old World craftsmanship with modern technology, such as a CNC router and EnRoute to create amazing custom floor inlays. Below is a small sample of the many incredible works that he has created over the years. To view more, visit http://www.danielantes.com/.


About Distinctive Hardwood Floors

Distinctive Hardwood Floors was founded by Richard and Daniel Antes in Nashville, Indiana. Daniel has eighteen years experience in the hardwood flooring and related industry. He apprenticed with Chuck Crispin of Legendary Hardwood Floors and later Birger Juell Ltd., both multiple NWFA Floor of the Year winners. This experience allowed him to work with many industry leaders on cooperative projects around the county. Richard L. Antes is Emeritus Holmstedt Distinguished Professor from Indiana State University. He has had a long-standing appreciation of art and design and is experienced in oil painting, home design, construction technology, and custom fabrication. Richard and Daniel have an appreciation for high figure veneer quality lumber and Old World craftsmanship and strive to be peerless in their craftsmanship as well as ethical business practice. Daniel Antes has backed countless NWFA Floor of the Year Winners as well as won several NWFA Floor of the Year awards himself.

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