Silver Star Industries uses EnRoute for....Retail Display

With over 100 employees, 4 CNC routers and several panel saws, Silver Star Industries specializes in full store fixture packages and fixture rollouts. If you have walked through a US or Canadian airport recently, you have most likely seen some of their craftsmanship.
Many of their projects incorporate graphics and signage into wall displays and custom retail display fixtures. Almost all of the projects they create are produced using EnRoute and Pathfinder3D together. They use it to cut wood, metal, acrylic, and solid surface parts. They create cabinets, desks, counters, kiosks, personalized signage and custom graphic displays.
“I would say that EnRoute is a big part of our success, it is something that we use every day in conjunction with Pathfinder3D.” – Chris Califf

Highlighted Project

Silver Star Industries has been in business for more than 30 years and in that time has had the opportunity to work on projects around the world. One of the things they have become well known for is their high-quality retail fixtures in mall and airports. Take a look at the pictures below to see several of the amazing projects that Silver Star Industries has brought to life.

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About Silver Star Industries

Since 1983, Silver Star Industries has been producing high quality millwork, store fixtures and displays, casework, Greeting Card Displays, Pharmacy Displays and acrylic and metal components for customers all over North America. They are a family-owned and operated business that focuses on customer service. They also specialize in design and rendering of display fixtures. They can layout an entire store, or design a single display fixture. Using the latest in CAD technology, they are able to take a simple sketch or verbal description from the customer and turn it in to a functioning design quickly and accurately. 

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