Madera Arts uses EnRoute For...

Madera Arts specializes in casework, cabinets and artistic panels for its customers.  Madera has the ability to brainstorm, develop a creative concept with and for their customers, design it and bring it to life. Thad Staples, the owner, is an expert woodworker and has been producing parts on his 3-Axis CNC router using EnRoute for over a decade. He is a veteran EnRoute user and the primary instructor of the EnRoute Workshop Series. If you would like to attend a workshop go to our Learn page and check out the open dates.

Bottom line: Madera is a place you go when you want clean designs and high end professional service. Plus Madera’s ability to use EnRoute in a variety of different applications when it comes to textured panels is truly impressive and makes you believe almost anything that you dream up in terms of textured panels mostly can be designed and cut.

Highlighted Project

Ponce City Market approached Madera Arts looking for A-frame signs. They gave them an “idea” photo and asked them to provide a couple of conceptual drawing for approval. Once the design was approved, two sample faces were cut for further approval. Both faces were designed using EnRoute Software; one was created with a simple engrave tollbooth to create the illusion of separate boards, and the other by utilizing EnRoute’s Rapid Texture function. Ponce City Market ultimately chose the version with Rapid Texture.

A combination of Rapid Texture, Engrave, Island Fill and Offset tollbooths were used for the final version. Below is an EnRoute screenshot of the final face ready to send to the router, as well as a picture of the CNC router cutting out the lettering for the side panels.

After the router had finished its work, the faces and side panels were glazed and painted black. All the pieces were then assembled to create the A-frame signs.

The final step was to add the hardware and wheels for easy repositioning. Madera Arts delivered the results of their hard work, and Ponce City Market was the proud owner of a collection of beautiful sculpted panel signs.

About Madera Arts

Madera Arts is a bespoke architectural millwork firm specializing in high-end sculpted wall panels, architectural components and custom furniture. At the core of their business they provide flexible manufacturing and design services to the Architect and Design community. Utilizing 3-Axis CNC technology, Madera Arts offers a full line of textured panels in a variety of styles, patterns and sizes. Their textured panels offer depth and texture that traditional flat walls cannot.

  • Austell, GA
  • Woodworking