Trade Imaging uses EnRoute for....Custom Windshields

As a wholesale distributor, Trade Imaging always has a diverse mixture of customer projects, from signs and graphics to giant displays and exhibits. They also make stands, awards, vehicle graphics, and tradeshow materials. They have used EnRoute to cut an impressive assortment of materials, including acrylic, PVC, aluminum, HD urethane foam, MDF, polycarbonates, hard and soft veneer, as well as a wide variety of other woods and metals. 

Highlighted Project

Trade Imaging was recently involved in a new project that was quite different from their usual activities. They were tasked with designing and creating a new type of windshield for Side-by-Side Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs). Part of the challenge was designing a windshield that could be folded in half; folded down when the driver wants to feel the breeze, and folded back up when they want protection from the elements.
First the two parts of the windshield were designed in EnRoute. The designers refined their design by experimenting with cheaper plastic to make sure all the measurements were correct. Once they were satisfied that everything would fit correctly, they loaded a sheet of high quality polycarbonate onto the CNC router and stepped back as it worked its magic.

Once the polycarbonate was cut, it was then taken to a sheet metal bender and bent along CNC-cut indentations to the appropriate angles. Additional hardware was then added in order to attach the two pieces together and to attach the whole assemblage to the OHV.
The windshields are held on with Velcro straps, enabling them to fit almost any Side-by-Side model of OHV. The padding on the edges keeps it from scratching the vehicle as well as keeping the wind from streaming in. The windshield is successfully able to fold down and back up to accommodate for different weather conditions or driver preferences. 

About Trade Imaging

Trade Imaging is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and was founded in 2008. The business functions as a wholesale supplier that provides signs and graphics to other local businesses. It primarily serves the sign and print industry, but also caters to photographers, manufacturers, and tradeshow vendors. 

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