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Top New Features

On Demand Training

When you are getting started with EnRoute, you need to be able to get your questions about a specific tool answered right now.  EnRoute 6 puts the answers at your fingertips.  Right click on a button and a short movie explaining that tool will play.  These days, watching a movie to learn about software functionality is the choice of most users and we make it as easy as pointing and clicking.
New Simulation

The new simulation engine gives the ability to use wood textures and other types of materials to provide a more realistic view of the finished piece.  We have also improved EnRoute’s simulation of cutting so that users can better visualize how the piece will cut.  EnRoute now does a better job of utilizing the capabilities of the computer’s video card to create the simulation.
Keyless Security

EnRoute no longer requires a dongle! Now use InstallManagerCloud.exe to change between versions.  
Improved Redrawing of Contours & Toolpaths

Improved redrawing of contours and toolpaths. This speeds up the drawing and redrawing of contours, toolpaths, and meshes.  Every time you zoom, pan, switch views, or redraw the drawing, it will be faster.  For people who create lots of toolpaths (3D) it would probably be worth the price of admission all by itself.
Component Creator

This is a tool that allow you to create interlocking components that can be used to create shelves and other objects. 

Version Upgrades


Now includes Explode, Layer Editing and Dynamic Nesting.

Now includes 3D Simulation and Dynamic Nesting.

Now includes Rapid Texture and ATP Lite for Nesting and Output at the same time.

Now includes full ATP and Kerf Compensation.,

3D Relief Editing & Textures

Relief Slicing

The Relief Slicing tool has been completely reworked to make it easier to use, and more reliable to create slices. Whether you are creating one slice or a hundred, this tool makes it simple.

Relief Slice Masking

One of the best features of the new slicing tool is the ability to automatically create masking contours for each slice that can be used to apply toolpaths only where they are necessary for milling the 3D surface of the relief.  Creating these masks used to be a pretty laborious manual task to be done after the slices were created.

Vertical Slicing of Reliefs

The Component Maker also now makes it easy to slice up a relief vertically as well as horizontally.  This can be used as a way to build large models more quickly, or as a way to get a new effect from your design.

Rendering Enhancements

Relief rendering in EnRoute has been improved also.  The perspective view of reliefs does a better job of showing the relief from all angles so that users can visualize their design as they are working on it.
Symmetric Parametric Textures

A new set of parametric textures is available that are automatically symmetric for any size.  You can create amazing surface textures and then be able to either make several identical panels or reproduce the panels some other way – and they always match up seamlessly right to left and top to bottom. 

New Parametric Texture Templates

We have added many new parametric textures that work in both inches and MM to help get you started.  And a new Bamboo Parametric Texture has been added.

Automatic Toolpathing

EnRoute Toolbar

For ATP, The Label Designer, Label Maker, and Label Printer are now accessible from within EnRoute via toolbar buttons and menu items.

Job Orientation

Output Orientation Rotation added to ATP – for flipping the output axis during ATP output.  Can show as Long X on screen but output as Long Y.  

Design Tools

Brightness & FlipBitmap

Brightness and FlipBitmap Solutions were added to assist with editing bitmaps prior to using them as textures or for use with Rapid Picture. 

Component Creator Wizard

This is a tool that allow you to create interlocking components that can be used to create shelves and other objects. 

Jigsaw Tool

The Jigsaw tool now allows zooming and panning in the tool.
Cut By Line Tool

The Cut by Line tool now allows zooming and panning in the tool.

Model Stacker

This new tool gives you the ability to slice a mesh in any direction and then automatically create 2D slices that can quickly be nested and cut out.  The cut slices can be stacked to create a unique version of your model.  EnRoute takes care of numbering the slices so you can keep them in order, and it is also easy to create holes in each slice to fit one or more alignment rods for assembling your masterpiece.

New Tangential Snap

Allow you to create tangent lines between two circles.
Snap to Intersections

New snap to help identify overlapping line segments. To aid with cleanup of imported contours with extra lines.
Point Edit for Arcs

If point editing changes are made to objects made of lines and arcs, the line segments remain line and arc after editing.  Helps with editing shapes for letter bending and reducing arcs in output files.

New Box Reader Application

This plugin, which can be found in the Solutions folder, will allow you to use your router like a panel saw for creating rectangular shapes.  A spreadsheet files with columns for Height, Width and Quantity can be used to create any number of rectangles needed and they can be nested and toolpathed during this process.  Or Block Nesting with Common Line Cutting can be applied manually to the shapes once created. 
New Concentric Wizard Tool

Allows for cones to be created that have the same center point or offset center points.

Sketch Curve Drawing Tool

A new tool has been added that makes it easy to draw lines in EnRoute using a mouse or sketch pad type stylus.  Just click and draw on screen and EnRoute will create a smooth version of the line drawn.  And if the end point is close to the beginning EnRoute will close the shape.

Improved Support For Single Stroke Fonts

In addition to our built-in fonts, we have added support for a more industry standard technique that allows users to utilize single-stroke fonts from other sources such as One Line Fonts.  These fonts are handy for marking applications and are efficient to cut.
Text Tool Improvements

We went through our text tool and made several improvements that make it much easier to work with larger text blocks.  When typing and editing text, we got rid of extra text redraws.  In addition, it is now easy to copy and paste text strings from other sources using the Windows clipboard.  Again, a simple improvement that makes all the difference.
Zoom to Selection

Zoom to Selection now works for all active views at once.  A simple change but surprisingly handy.  

Trim Command

The Trim command is now configured so that it automatically goes into “All Boundaries” mode when it is activated. This is by far the most popular method of using this tool.


Dynamic Language Switching

Access to languages other than English in EnRoute used to require the user to change the locale on her computer.   Now you simply select the language from a menu item and the language of choice is activated.

Right Click Toolpath Menu

Right Click – The Create Toolpath menu now includes Open Contour Offset.

Rapid Texture

Simplified Rapid Texture

Improvements that make it easier to get good results without having to totally understand what you are doing. No Seed Contour Required. 

Symmetric Rapid Texture

It is now easier to create Symmetric Rapid Texture Features.  Works with any panel size, is easy to use and hard to screw up.

Rapid Texture Templates

Rapid Texture Templates have been updated to include 19 starting textures.

Rotary Support

Support for Lathe

The plate setup dialog now includes easy support for defining the plate to accommodate a rotary axis design of a specific diameter.  It is then easy to switch between “wrapped” and “unwrapped” mode when you are creating the design.
Unwrap a 3D Model for Rotary Cutting

Adds the ability to unwrap a 3D model onto a relief so that it can be wrapped back to a lathe for output. This allows 3D models to be cut out on a rotary axis tool without distortion.  If you have a rotary axis machine, you can now mill out full models without the need to split them into a top half and a bottom half.

Other Features

ToolPath Editing

The Bridge and Start Point editing tool now allows zooming and panning in the tool.
Large Job Paneling

Support for paneling with output for large jobs – This new tool makes it simple to accommodate designs that are too big for your table, or too big for the material you want to use.  Just define your panel sizes and EnRoute takes care of breaking up the output.