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Fill Toolpath Second Pass on a Relief

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Topic: Fill Toolpath Second Pass on a Relief
Posted By: N Sign
Subject: Fill Toolpath Second Pass on a Relief
Date Posted: 26 May 2017 at 2:49pm
Here's my problem:
I have a relief that will take a day to route with the 1/8 ball.
most of it is very shallow but a small percent of the area is too deep to be done in one pass. How can I make that second pass cut just the deep section, not the whole gd thing again, removing nothing 99% of the time?

Picture this: a 4'x8' flag gently waving, the ripples no deeper than 1/4" There is a 2" "F" in the center. This is V grooved to 1" deep. It is all 1 single relief finally and the copy follows the flow of the waves.

I want to do this in 3 passes, each taking 1/3" each pass. The first one will do the entire area, the second just the F to 2/3" deep and the third- just the F again to the final 1". The last two passes won't run over the entire area removing nothing until the tool gets to the F where it removes another 1/3" if material. How do I make this happen?

I tried a MASK but the progress bar kept stopping. It looks like MASK is more for selecting part of an existing mesh and not for only routing a certain area though.   

When I output not all depths but just pass 2 or 3 it does the whole area.

Posted By: N Sign
Date Posted: 30 May 2017 at 9:20am
So I figured out MASK! I found this post:
You can do this in Enroute very easily using a technique known as
'Masking'. You just draw a closed vector shape over the area of the
relief that you want to machine. Apply whatever toolpathing you want to
use and you are ready to go. Now select the relief and then select the
mask, specifically in that order. Now output the file. Using Backplot you
will see that the only area output will be that area within the vector
shaped mask. Very simple.
The most important step is selection of the relief first. This is the most
common mistake when using this technique.
Good Luck,

Tom in PA"

It's counterintuitive. You don't mask off the parts you don't want routed, you mask off the sections you do want routed. Painting is the first thing i think of when I think "creating a mask" and you create your shape or mask to cover where you DON'T want paint to go. This is the opposite. Selecting the vector after the toolpath was screwing me up too.
Now here's my next problem: I can get it to look correct in "Simulate 3D" theres a box to check that says "Use selected contours as mask" that's great, nice and straight forward.
I can't find that box anywhere in Output>Machining. I'm not selecting/de-selecting anything, I'm going right from Simulate 3D to Output with outh touching anything but perspective. I'm getting the whole toolpath still, the whole area. Simulate 2D looks good too but I cant sent the job to the machine/DNC file from either of those places like one I could from the Edit NC screen in earlier versions.

Posted By: paloalto_17
Date Posted: 30 May 2017 at 12:41pm
There is no box that allows you to output only a mask but what you can do is choose the output selected option. If you have multiple tool paths on the file then when you output it will output everything unless you click on the option in the output screen that says "selected" instead of "All toolpaths". 

Best regards,

Posted By: N Sign
Date Posted: 30 May 2017 at 3:57pm
No, that's not it. I know how 'selected' works. I wanted my output to the machine tho look like "Simulate 3D" It doesnt show the whole plate, just the mask area. I expected Simulate 3D to be a simulation of the job if I ran the job as selected.
What I figured out it that if I have the relief, I make a vector of what I want to route, (not what I want to mask off) plase that over/within the relief, then toolpath> fill and it will only toolpath the area in the vector (If I pick the relief then the vector in that order.) Then I can send that to the machine and it comes out looking like "simulate 3D" with "use selected...mask" box checked.

Posted By: jessegreen
Date Posted: 07 July 2017 at 2:02pm
You want to select the mask when you're generating toolpaths and it will only make them within the masked area.  If it shows you everything toolpathed it hasn't worked right.  It is really picky about the order you select objects in.  Beware.

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