EnRoute Summit 2017 ​Salt Lake City, UT
Sept 27th-29th

The Summit

The EnRoute Summit 2017 will provide the opportunity for EnRoute users to work with EnRoute experts Thad Staples, EJ Nodurft, Dan and Peter Sawatzky, and Jeff Hartman to become more productive and more comfortable using EnRoute. During this three-day summit you will receive hands on, project based instruction on every facet of EnRoute. 

What's Included:
 Three full days of hands-on project based training
 One-on-one instruction with EnRoute experts
 Daily catered light breakfast and a full lunch
 Customer appreciation dinner at Flemming's Steakhouse
 4 hours of follow-up one-on-one online training with an EnRoute specialist ($495 value)

There will be two class blocks in the morning and two in the afternoon. Participants will be able to choose which classes they wish to attend. This flexible schedule will allow each participant to focus on the subjects they feel are most important to them. Classes suited for Beginner, Medium, and Advanced EnRoute users.

Classes offered at 2017 EnRoute Summit:

Signage – Project based instruction from design to output

  •  - Channel Letters
  •  - 2D Dimensional  Signage
  •  - 2D Architectural Signage
  •  - Inlays and Push Trough
  •  - Print and Cut techniques
  •  - V-Groove Signage
  •  - Pyramid Letters
  •  - Decorative Engraving
  •  - 3D Artistic Sign Making
  •  - Corporate Signage with    Texturing
  •  - Molds
Woodworking/Architectural Millwork/Cabinetmaking

  •  - Curved Mouldings
  •  - Wood Inlays
  •  - Textured Panels
  •  - 3D Millwork
  •  - AutoToolpath (ATP) – Cabinet        Making
  •  - Custom Part Cutting
  •  - Rapid Picture
  •  - 3D Surface Wood Carving –  - Design and Using 3D Mesh files
  •  - EnRoute Component Creator
Additional Classes Offered

  •  - EJ Nodurft’s  Tips and  Tricks
  •  - Advanced Vectorization  and Cleanup techniques
  •  - Advanced Plasma  Techniques
  •  - Two-Hour, One-on-One  Personal Instruction





Thad Staples
 owns and operates Madera Arts in Atlanta, a company that creates custom millwork and also provides job shop capabilities specializing in out-of-the-ordinary requests.  He is both practical and very creative in how he uses EnRoute, and on top of that he is a great teacher.  

Dan and Peter Sawatzky
 run Imagination Corporation in western Canada, specializing in fantastical themed environments.  They are two of the most creative guys you will meet, and at the same time they are experts at the nuts and bolts of designing and building their creations using EnRoute.  With their new plasma CNC machine, they are exploring the world of incorporating custom cut steel parts both to expand their creativity and to provide structural support for their designs. 


As one of the creators of EnRoute, 
Jeff Hartman offers unique perspectives about how EnRoute really works.  His unique combination of experiences as both an engineer and a former sign shop owner have helped EnRoute’s development as both a creative tool and as precision production software.  
EJ Nodurft - Currently the EnRoute Product Director for SAi EnRoute Software, EJ has been working with EnRoute Software since he first started with SAi in the Product Support Group in June of 1999.  During the course of providing 18 years’ worth of training and support for EnRoute Software, EJ has become one of the world’s leading resources on EnRoute Software, and he is considered (by himself) to be the “Master of EnRoute”.  

The Little America Hotel

500 Main St,
Salt Lake City, UT

Space is limited, so register early to guarantee your seat. It's
$1295 to attend the EnRoute Summit 2017.

Hotel room not included, but discounted room rates are available.
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To Register, complete the form below, or contact us at (800) 229-9066 or EnRouteNA@ThinkSAi.com


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