Software for Plasma and Water Jet

EnRoute Software provides a useful blend of creative and production tools which allow you to meet almost any design and cutting need for your CAM Plasma and CNC Water Jet machine. 


Enroute is a router software wtih graphic design tools such as Vectorize Bitmap, Point Edit, Text on an Arc, Object Distortion, Weld, Trim/Extend, Point Edit and more. This makes EnRoute a seemless choice for more artistic applications such as Signs, Logos and 2D Parts Cutting. 

Standard CAD Shape Drawing and Parametric Design Wizards – EnRoute has a straight-forward and logical approach to creating 2D parts. And for certain common fabrication applications, EnRoute has a parametric ShapeWizard for flanges, lug-lifts and concentric or eccentric cones.

Easy Kerf Compensation with Advanced Cutting Features and Smart Entry Exit – EnRoute Kerf Comp allows you to set up cutting parameters based on your cutting method and easily apply them to any selected parts. Looped corners and entry/exit at longest segment help to provide good cut quality.

Advanced True Shape Nesting Applications – With three different nesting algorithms and advanced nesting options like Multiple Sheets, Copy Nesting, Remnant Creation for future jobs, Obstructions, Control over Gap and Plate Spacing and Daisy Chain Cutting, EnRoute has outstanding True Shape Nesting at an affordable price.

AutoToolpath (ATP) for auto-processing of layered DXF files from third party CAD Programs. EnRoute has one of the easiest to use and most functional approaches to Auto Toolpath. Layer Printouts and labels help to keep track of parts. With ATP, a few button clicks and you are ready to start cutting.

Want to know more about our CNC software? For questions about our CAM plasma and CNC Water Jet software solution, please contact EnRoute today!

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