Sign Making Software and Digital Finishing

FULL 3D SURFACING TEXTURES through Rapid Texture, Parametric Texture and Bitmaps

EnRoute offers many ways to create 3D surfaces and textures and then add textures to your signs. EnRoute's sign making software allows you to first create 2D artwork by using unique design tools and then add 3D reliefs and textures using parametric textures, rapid texture/rapid picture and bitmaps. EnRoute's rapid texture tool also lets you create unique surfaces by taking advantage of the shape and diameter of your cutting tools while at the same time reducing cut times.


In the sign industry, drawing for a job is often done in a secondary program. EnRoute's sign making software has current import filters for the most common file types and has good cleanup and editing tools for preparing contours for toolpaths and output.


EnRoute's sign making software has a 3D engrave engine that can provide amazing detail. Accurate to a fine point, EnRoute’s engrave engine is second to none. With Internal and External 3D Engrave, 3D Clean passes and the Pyramid Tool, EnRoute will allow you to handle any 3D Engrave (2.5D) (V-groove) job.


Some toolpaths include several tools and can be complicated to setup, but once saved, are very easy to reapply to other contours. This works well for toolpaths for Push-through Letters, Island Fill with 3D Clean Pass, Channel Tags, Inlays, Pyramid letters and more.


Import cut data from RIP software and easily apply toolpaths. Works with Flexi, Onyx, Caldera, iScript and with Layered AI/PDF or layered DXF. Drill Centers are used for camera location. Supports knifes or router cutting for cut outs.





Full Design/CAD Capabilities - Shape Drawing, Contour Cleanup Tools, Point And Contour Editing, Bitmap To Vector, Snap Commands, Mirror Copy, Move/Scale/Rotate, Trim/Extend, Multicopy, Geometry And Line Distortion Tools, Advanced Text, Jigsaw Shape Creator, Cut By Line.

3D Surface Creation - Chamfer, Extrude, Sweep 2 Rails, Spin, Revolve, Relief Edit, Texturing, Slice, Invert, Draft Angle.

Current Import Filters - AI/EPS, PDF With Layers, DXF, DWG, Flexi, Onyx XML, Caldera XML.

Cool Tools - Boxster Cabinet Macro, Box Wizard, Foldup Box Wizard, Gcode Import Wizard, Threadmill Wizard, Braille Translator, Feedrate Calculator.

2D Toolpathing - Easy Toolpathing, Rough/Clean/Fine, Passes, Inlay, Channel Tags, Bridges, Start Point Control, Drilling Options, Toolpath Distortion.

2.5D Toolpathing - Easy Toolpathing, Powerful 3D Engraving, 3D Clean Pass For Fills, Pyramid Letters And Shapes, Follow Contour Z Depth, Slant Toolpath.

3D Toolpathing - EZ Toolpathing, 2D Rough Pass, Surface Rough Pass, High Overlap Toolpath For Detail, Project Toolpath To Surface.

Nesting - True Shape Nesting, Remnant Creation, Obstruction Avoidance, Copy Nesting, Priority Nesting, Box Nesting With Common Line Cutting, Manual Nesting Tools.

Rapid Texture - Create Textures Based On Random Line Movement And Bit Profile. Rapid Picture, Relief Cutting With Rapid Texture (Pro only), Mask Texture, Panel Large Job, Symmetric Panels, Parametric Textures. Fade Texture.



Enroute Basic 2D


  • Channel Letters
  • General Shape & Letter Cutting
  • 2D Dimensional Signage
  • Architectural Signs
  • Inlays and Push Through
  • Print and Cut

Enroute Plus 2.5D Applications

  • V-Groove Signs
  • Fill With 3D Clean
  • Pyramid Letters
  • Decorative Engraving
  • Awards and Plaques

Enroute Pro 3D


  • 3D Artistic Sign Making
  • Textured Signs
  • Molds
  • Corporate Signage with Texture
  • 3D Vacuum Forming
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